Can you really make money selling t-shirts online?

Selling t-shirts online can be a fun and creative way to make money on the internet in your spare time and hopefully build it up to a sustainable online income. It is the perfect business to start out small with no investment and slowly build it into something larger. I hope you are ready to embark on a new online adventure and make some money! 

Here is the overall process to set up your own internet t-shirt business:

  1. Set up an account with a print on demand website that offers t-shirts, stickers, etc.
  2. Brainstorm on possible general themes for your ideas.
  3. Develop some specific potential shirt/sticker ideas for each of your themes.
  4. Narrow your possibilities to one theme – for now. Keep in mind that this entire process can be duplicated with another theme later. 
  5. Obtain software to create images (download or purchase software if you choose).
  6. Create your images.
  7. Upload your images to the print on demand website. 
  8. Tag your images with keywords pertinent to your theme.
  9. Select the products on which your images will be available.
  10. Write detailed product descriptions using keywords that might be searched by people interested in your theme.
  11. Purchase domain – not required but if you are going to, do it now.
  12. Market your products using a link to your virtual store. This link can be the address of your own domain name masking (or pointing at) the print on demand website’s address for your virtual store. If you did not choose to purchase a domain then the website address will be the one they give you as the address for your virtual store (your account).
  13. Monitor your traffic and purchases. Track which marketing techniques are driving the most sales. Track which images are selling the most and least. 
  14. Continue to experiment with new marketing techniques and new product designs.